RC Buggies

Get yourself an RC buggy to tackle even the harshest terrain!

If you’re looking for some serious speed and performance on bumpy off-road terrain, you can’t go wrong with an RC buggy from Frontline Hobbies. While RC touring and drifters have incredible handling and speed, they simply can’t handle the exciting, rough-and-tough terrain out in the bush!

RC buggies are built for performance. With super-soft rubber and unique tread patterns on the tyres, your RC buggy can easily tackle rocks, mud, dirt and other bumpy terrains. Most RC buggies come with adjustable suspension and shock resistance, meaning your buggy is less likely to take on damage in high-speed races.

RC buggies are a popular choice among hobbyists because they’re the perfect weapon for off-road racing. These cars have a low profile and high clearance suspension, making it quick and simple to conquer even the toughest conditions.

They’re an excellent choice for beginners who are more prone to crashes and scrapes. These bad boys are built tough with large shock-resistant wheels and a hard outer casing, so you can go your hardest against your mates. If the casing gets too banged up, we’ve got replacement RC body shells for a wide range of RC buggies.

For RC off-road buggies, shop online or in-store with Frontline Hobbies. We have a massive range of brands, models and styles to choose from!

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