Tweezers & Pliers

Get a grip with our range of tweezers and pliers

When it comes to model building and jewellery making, using your fingers is just not enough. It’s almost impossible to get a grip on all those tiny parts and put them into place — with this in mind, we stock a huge range of tweezers and pliers to make modelling easier!

At Frontline Hobbies, we have tweezers of all shapes and sizes so you can gently but surely put every little piece into place — we even stock tweezers with magnifying glasses to ensure you can build even the smallest of models! For snipping, cutting and holding things into place, we have a huge range of pliers and cutters to make trimming pieces and models down to size.

Whatever you need to fine-tune your build, you’ll find it here at Frontline Hobbies! Browse through our collection and check out online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia.

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