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RC short course and desert trucks are designed for high performance on dirt tracks. These trucks differ from stadium trucks, which are wider with shorter wheelbases and tall, wide tires, meanwhile, short course trucks are in proportion for a more lifelike appearance, with longer wheelbases making them better for rough conditions.

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At Frontline Hobbies, we’ve curated a collection of the best RC short course trucks and desert trucks from around the world from the most trusted and sought after brands in the industry. Explore our full range to find your next RC short course truck.

Traxxas RC short course trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

Traxxas is renowned in the RC world for producing some of the fastest, toughest and most exciting RC vehicles on the market, including short course and desert trucks.

The ready to run Traxxas 1/10 Slash RTR 2WD Brushed Short Course RC Truck is a favourite among short course enthusiasts. This model offers three driving profiles  sport mode, race mode and a modified training mode  making it an ideal all-rounder for beginners and pros alike.

Losi RC short course trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

Since the early 80s, Losi has been at the forefront of RC innovation, producing high-end competition RC vehicles. If you’re after some serious muscle and awesome true to life detail, you can’t go past the ready to run Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 1/6 Desert Truck Rtr, Brenthel Edition. This tough, high-performance larger scale vehicle is built for speed, capable of exceeding 80 km/h with exceptional handling, even on the toughest terrain.

Losi also offers great performance in their 1/10 scale Short Course Trucks. The Baja Rey and Tenacity TT Pro are both very capable with the Tenacity TT Pro being a great beginner for use on a race track.

HPI Racing RC short course trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

Since starting out in Southern California, HPI Racing has produced innovative RC products including one of the world’s toughest RC Short Course trucks, the Blitz which has been superseded by the Jumpshot SC chassis. The Jumpshot SC used a proven vertical plate design chassis which offers a more rigid frame and greater strength. Check out our HPI collection including the HPI Jumpshot SC Flux 1/10 Electric Short Course 160031.

Nowadays, HPI is one of the world’s most popular RC brands, producing world-class short course trucks, scale monster trucks, buggies and more.

Kyosho RC Short Course Trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

Japanese RC powerhouse Kyosho has been producing exhilarating and fun RC vehicles for nearly 50 years, constantly innovating and updating its range.

Some of our top selling RC short course trucks are produced by Kyosho including the Kyosho 30859 1/10 EP 2WD Readyset Ultima SC6 (W/Kt-331P, an RC favourite of The Off Road Championship in America. The Kyosho 1/10 Rep2SC6 Kit Ultima SC6 Radio Control kit is another favourite among RC enthusiasts, with the ULTIMA SC line continually undergoing innovation to perform at the highest level.

Maverick RC short course trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

Maverick is an entry-level branch of HPI racing, producing ultra-fun and accessible short course trucks ideal for beginners and serious RC racers alike. The durable Maverick MV12617 Strada SC 1/10 4WD Brushed Electric Short Course Truck is a fan favourite and offers great handling at an affordable price.

Tamiya RC short course trucks, 4x4s and desert trucks

If you’re a fan of building your own RC short course trucks and other RC vehicles, Tamiya is for you. The company has a strong focus on providing rewarding building experiences with exceptionally detailed RC vehicle kits.

For a nice easy build go for the super popular Tamiya 1/10 Racing Truck Nissan 58511, a replica Nissan Titan body mounted on a Tamiya DT-02 platform buggy chassis, perfect for anyone new to the RC building world.

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