Plastic Civilian Vehicles

Bring the thrill of the road into your home with our model car kits

Love the sound of rumbling engines, tyres screeching and supercars zooming around a racecourse, almost breaking the sound barrier? It sounds like you’re a real rev head or a grease monkey, just like the team at Frontline Hobbies! We love cars so much that we’ve developed a huge collection of model car kits for you to add to your collection and display for the world to see.

Our civilian car collection includes the likes of the 1966 Chevy Nova SS 2T, the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the 2000 Knight Rider and loads of ritzy Lamborghinis. You can build your favourite cars from start to finish, take them for a little drive across the table and then place them on display — there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing a modelling project!

Browse through our collection of model car kits and check out online with Frontline Hobbies. We offer fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide or free shipping on orders over $150.

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