Artesania Latina

Ahoy there! If you are looking for a wooden model ship in Australia then look no further. Artesania Latina has a range of museum quality plank-on-frame wooden ships from days gone. Building wooden ship models is a great pasttime for anyone with a nautical bent or who simply wants a great feature piece for their home, office or study.

At Frontline Hobbies you can find Artesania models of Spanish Galleons, Christopher Columbus' ships the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, and other classics like Cutty Sark and Scottish Maid. If Australian history is your thing then we have Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour and Captain Bligh's HMS Bounty, famous for the mutiny on the Bounty.

If you are serious about building wooden ships, or any modelling for that matter then you are going to need TOOLS. Artesania hobby tools are affordable and include vices, hand drills, plank benders and much more.

Buy Artesania wooden ships online today. Australian stock is ready for speedy delivery!