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You can throw all the expensive electronics you want at kids, but nothing beats the imagination and fun of playing with a good old fashioned doll collection. From Barbies to puppies and ponies, dolls help children express themselves and learn through imagination.

Discover the best range of FurReal, Sylvanian Families and Lottie Dolls Australia has to offer

At Frontline Hobbies, we stock a wide range of super popular doll brands from around the world. Browse the collection and treat someone special to a new doll for their collection.


The FurReal range from Hasbro brings adorable animals to life with interactive features like sounds and movement. Little ones love the cuteness and the feeling of having a real pet — you’ll love not having to clean up after them!

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families are one of the most collected and sought after ranges of dolls in the world. The miniature woodland critter families and settings from the mythical world of Sylvania make gorgeous toys for little kids — and grown-ups, too!

Lottie Dolls

Lottie Dolls are made to inspire, depicting real-life activities and exciting careers. Lottie Dolls highlight diversity with a wide range of skin tones, hair colours, abilities and activities like the Lottie Mia Wildlife Photographer Doll, Lottie Fossil Hunter and Lottie True Hero.

In fact, in 2015, Lottie became the first doll in space aboard the International Space Station.

From Barbie Collectables to Disney, shop the latest collectable dolls with Frontline Hobbies

Countless people all around the world collect dolls for their unique charm and links to childhood.

Perhaps the world’s most famous and widely collected doll is the iconic Barbie, with an estimated 100,000 serious collectors worldwide. Barbie keeps collectors on their toes with constant new designs like the Dia De Muertos Barbie Collector Doll and matching Dia De Muertos Ken Collector Doll. Browse the collection online today or visit us at our Newcastle store.

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