Bandai / Gundam Model Kits

Discover an awesome range of Gundam models, figures and kits from Bandai

The world was first introduced to Gundam in the 1979 TV show “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

Four decades of the series has expanded into various TV series, movies, novels, manga, video games and OVAs and, of course, the popular Gundam models and figures.

Bandai manufactures some of the most famous and beloved toys in the world including Tamagochi, Digimon and Dragon Ball Z. The company also produces a range of Gundam model kits based on the Gundam universe. Beloved by both modelling fans and lovers of anime around the world, Gundam modelling as a hobby even has its own nickname — “GUNPLA”, a combination of Gundam and plastic. Browse our massive range of Gundam models to find the latest figure to add to your collection.

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