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When it comes to RC cars Australian hobbyists choose Frontline Hobbies for the biggest range, the best brands and the fairest prices. Our collection of over 900 RC cars, trucks and buggies has every RC enthusiast covered. From entry-level RC cars to serious professional-grade stadium trucks we’ve got Australia’s biggest and best range of RC vehicles available online and in-store.

A quick guide to our range of RC cars

RC Bikes

RC bikes are a super fun option for fans of everything on two wheels. Many amateur RC hobbyists expect RC bikes to be more difficult to control but with practice, RC bikes are just as enjoyable to drive as RC cars.

RC bikes are perfect for anyone who loves full-size motorcycles, RC enthusiasts looking for a new challenge and RC collectors alike. For a fantastically lifelike experience check out the Kyosho 1/8 EP Hanging On Racer S.R.T. Suzuki RGV1992 Kit 34931 which comes with a dynamic rider attached who leans into corners and hangs onto the bike for superior, realistic performance.

RC Buggies

RC buggies are designed for one thing: action!

These rugged vehicles are made to handle rough off-road terrain at massively impressive speeds. Thanks to their unique tread patterns and soft rubber tyres, RC buggies can take on rocks, dirt, gravel, mud and other uneven surfaces at speed.

Ideal for any off-road enthusiast, RC buggies are built for ultimate thrills and performance over any outdoor surface. For a great entry-level buggy check out the Maverick Phantom XB 1/10 Brushed Electric Buggy.

RC Construction

From the time we’re old enough to marvel at excavators and cranes, many of us have a fascination with construction vehicles and machinery.

With our awesome range of RC construction toys and vehicles, you can recreate that joy of all things construction in your own backyard. From forklifts to dump trucks to excavators, you can experience the thrills of construction in miniature form.

With working scoops, trays and claws, these miniatures are made with amazing attention to detail.

RC Micro Scale

RC microscale trucks, cars and racers prove that good things definitely come in small packages. These palm-sized 1/24 to 1/12 scale RC cars and trucks are ideal for indoor use.

Great for kids and first-time RC hobbyists, microscale RC cars are cheap to run, easy to use and super collectible.

RC Monster Trucks

All the thrills and spills of monster trucks at your fingertips. RC monster trucks are some of our most popular offerings thanks to their incredibly fun driveability and off-road capabilities.

Just like their real-life counterparts, RC monster trucks are designed for power, toughness and thrills with wheels and suspension capable of tackling gravel, rocks and dirt along with stadium-style tracks with ease.

RC Prime Movers

For fans of trucks and semi-trailers, our RC prime movers collection is a must-see. We’ve got dozens of hardy RC trucks on offer, built with the hauling power and toughness of their real-life counterparts.

You’ll also find loads of add-ons and accessories including fuel tanks, trailers and flatbeds. RC prime movers like the Tamiya 1/14 Grand Hauler often come with lifelike details including air horns and real shiftable gears.

RC Rock Crawlers and Scale Trucks

For the ultimate in off-road exploration, you can’t go past our RC rock crawlers and scale trucks. These RC beauties are designed to handle the wildest rides and toughest terrain with ease, taking on rocks, boulders, steep terrain and more.

With high torque steering and maximum suspension travel, rock crawlers can take on all the turns and twists you put them through. These machines are best for low-speed high-difficulty drives rather than high-speed racing, great for RC hobbyists who love to take on challenging terrain.

RC Short Course and Desert Trucks

Short course off-road racing combines the speed and thrills of a closed track with the conditions of off-road desert racing. Our range of RC short course and desert trucks features RC cars based on iconic full-size desert and short course racers completed in amazing detail.

These speed demons are built for superior handling in sand and dirt off-road tracks, perfect for outdoor racing.

RC Tanks

Fans of military history and military tech will be blown away by our RC tanks collection. From entry-level RC tanks through to serious pieces of machinery like the Tamiya 1/16 Russian Heavy JS-2 Model 1944 CHKZ RC Tank Kit, there’s something for every tank enthusiast.

RC tanks are a great way to recreate historic battles with realistic details, sound effects and a lifelike driving feel.

RC Touring and Drift Cars

Touring cars are heavily modified road-going cars used in road racing competitions. Our range of touring and drift RC cars from Tamiya, Kyosho, Traxxas and other iconic brands are built with superb detail and incredible handling for heart-racing high-speed fun. RC touring and drift cars are best suited to smooth, sealed road surfaces and with top speeds in excess of 60 km/h these RC cars are every rev head’s dream.

RC Truggies and Stadium Trucks

Truggies are a combo of trucks and buggies which feature the low stance of a buggy with the body and tyres of a truck. Both truggies and stadium trucks are built for high-paced off-road stadium racing and can take on jumps, sharp turns and rough terrain at high speeds. Perfect for racing on dirt roads and outdoor surfaces.

RC cars and vehicles with Frontline Hobbies

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