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Explore it, Engineer it, Launch it!

Estes model rocketry is one of the most popular educational activities of teachers.  What better way to introduce students to the study of aerospace and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) than to involve them in meaningful, hands-on learning experiences!  For over 50 years, Estes model rocketry has proven itself in tens of thousands of classrooms as an exciting teaching aid that captures all student’s interest and provides both motivation to learn and valid learning experiences.

How to choose the right rocket for your group

Consider these four things when making your plan

Younger kids (Grades 5-8) need simpler to assemble rockets. They’re not quite ready for the challenge of gluing on individual fins yet, so choose one of our kits with a one-piece plastic fin unit and fewer assembly steps. The following bulk packs are all suitable:

Older kids do a better job of reading, understanding and following assembly instructions. They will have the hand-eye skills to glue wood fins to the body tube.

Conducting a build session with 30 kids yourself is a challenge. We recommend you get helpers for your build session and on the flying field. Short on adult volunteers? Recruit kids from higher grade levels.

Do you have a single session to both build and fly the rocket? Consider the amount of time needed for glue to dry and how much time it will take to prep the rockets before launch.

Flying Field Size
Recovery method (parachute or streamer), engine size (A, B, C) and wind all play a role in what rocket is best suited for the size field you may have. You can’t make your field bigger, but you can choose the right size rocket to fly on it! Parachutes drift farther and come down slower, so you’ll need a bigger field. Streamers have very little drift and mostly come down within a small radius of your launch pad. Rocket engines double in power with each succeeding engine letter. For example: B engines effectively fly your rocket twice as high as A engines.

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