Zvezda 3653 1/35 Ferdinand Sd.Kfz 184 Plastic Model Kit

Zvezda 3653 1/35 Ferdinand Sd.Kfz 184 Plastic Model Kit



The Ferdinand was a heavy tank destroyer used by German Wehrmacht Panzerj'ger during World War II. It was built in small numbers in 1943 under the name Ferdinand, after its turret designed by Ferdinand Porsche which had originally been rejected in favor of the preferred design from Henchel, combined with tank hulls that had been produced for Tiger I tank requirement, With its extremely effective very thick Armor and its massive 88mm gun it was a formidable opponent, which could hit enemy targets up to 2 Kilometers away. The Red Army's anti-tank weapons were powerless against the Ferdinand's abilities. The Ferdinand remained in service until the very end of the war, finishing it in Berlin. The popularity of this machine was so high among the Red Army that the name Ferdinand", along with "Tiger", became a household name and was often applied to all heavy automatic control systems in Germany."


Brand Zvezda

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