Zvezda 6142 1/72 German Motorcycle R-12 Plastic Model Kit

Zvezda 6142 1/72 German Motorcycle R-12 Plastic Model Kit



BMW started making motorcycles in the 1920s, and the German military quickly saw their value for communications and reconnaissance thanks to their high-speed and excellent maneuverability. All told, BMW would deliver some 36,000 R-12 motorcycles to the German military by the time they invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. Equipped with a 2-cylindar 745cc engine, the R12 could manage speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and had a range of more than 250 kilometers. Many were fitted with a sidecar, allowing the motorcycle to handle up to three passengers. The sidecar could also be used as a mount for a 7.92mm machinegun, creating a mobile infantry support weapon. The R12 motorcycle proved to be a reliable vehicle that was popular with the German Wehrmacht. They would serve in every front of the war, from the frozen Russian steppe to the blazing Sahara desert. Contents: 2 unpainted soldiers 1 motorcycle - 1 unit base with flag - 1 unit card


Brand Zvezda
Shipping Weight 0.0600kg
Shipping Width 0.120m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.150m

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