Windspeed Kites 10m Tubular Tail

Windspeed Kites 10m Tubular Tail



10 meter Tube Kite Tail for both Dual Control and larger Single String kites.

Because they are tubular, these kite tails will leave a soft ‘trail’ behind the kite…they show where you have just been, much like time lapse photos!

Use the tube kite tails either as singles from the center of the kite or as pairs, one from each wingtip. They easily clip on to the kite with the large snap swivels attached to the top mouth of the tails and the snap swivels make them easy and quick to detach. They are made from heavy duty ripstop nylon,

All tails, especially tube kite tails, will slow your kite down a little in lighter winds but they really come into their own as the winds pick up.


Brand Windspeed