Wilesco D398 Steam Roller Black & Nickel w/Radio Control

Wilesco D398 Steam Roller Black & Nickel w/Radio Control



These steam rollers will be available as complete assembled models. For people who already owning a Wilesco Steam Roller, a add-on kit can be extended within two steps. The first step is an add-on kit which contains the transmitter and the receiver for the steering function. This extension does not require particular modelmaking skills and can be easily added on the model. The second step contains the necessary mounting parts so that the direction can be changed with the transmitter. The assembling is easy for everybody with the included instructions.


Boiler Diameter 45mm
Length 185mm
Boiler Capacity 230cm³
Water Gauge Glass
Brass Cylinder
Spring Loaded
Safety Valve
Steam Regulator
Steam Whistle
Steam Jet Oiler
Smoke Stack
Steering Wheel
Chain Drive
Flywheel Diameter 80mm
Grooved Pulley
Clutch Engaged
Gear Wheel
Stationary Steam Engine


Brand Wilesco