UDI RC 1/12 Teleoceras 4WD RC Truck Brushless RTR

UDI RC 1/12 Teleoceras 4WD RC Truck Brushless RTR



Electronic Stability Program (gyroscope)

This product has the function of ESP car stability system, which can effectively correct the car attitude and direction when the car skids or loses control. The function and sensitivity of the car gyroscope sensor can be adjusted through the ESP knob of the transmitter.

GTR Front & Rear shock absorber

Large diameter oil-filled GTR shocks attach to the progressive rocker arms for silky-smooth damping. Threaded aluminum bodies feature collars for easy spring pre-load adjustment. Silicone bladders and X-ring seals prevent leaks for long-lasting performance.

Metal Differentials

The UDIPOWER 4-gear differentials feature massively larger ring and pinion gears that use over twice as much steel for extreme durability. The differentials are sealed and filled with heavyweight oil, giving them the performance feel of limited-slip differentials. Steel drive cups fit over huge 9mm hardened steel output shafts which ride on oversized sealed bearings.


4 channel Receiver with built-in body electronic stability system(ESP)

Brushless Motor

3660-3000KV brushless motor power system with finned can for better heat dissipation.

Power Supply

Support 2S/3S, XT60 battery

Supersonic 60A Brushless ESC

1. All-weather waterproof and dustproof design (Note:please uninstall the cooling fan before using the ESC in water; keep clean and dry after use to avoid rusting of the connector)
2. Designed for RC model cars with excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity functions.
3. For sensorless brushless motor.
4. High current resistance and excellent heat dissipation.
5. Multiple protection functions: low voltage cut off to protection for Lithium or Nickel batteries/ESC overheating protection/motor overheating protection/throttle signal loss protection/motor blocking protection.
6. Built in switching mode BEC6.V5A/7.4V5A (switching mode), compatible with high torque and high voltage servo.
7. Easy to program and compatible with a smaller program cards.

Model level remote control handle

  • 2.4GHz full proportion radio remote control system
  • Steering range percentage adjustment
  • Electronic stability system (ESP)
  • Steering trim
  • 4 channels transmitter
  • With out of control protection function
  • CH4 expansion channel
  • Controller Headlight

Truck Specs

  • Model No.: UD1201PRO
  • Assembly: RTR
  • Remote Control Distance: About 100m
  • Playing Time: About 10min
  • Battery capacity: 2S / 3S, 2000mAh
  • Completion Level: Ready-to-run
  • Differential: Two oil-filled gears
  • Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive
  • Drive Type: Forward/Brake/Reverse
  • Front wheel track: 231mm
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Motor type: Brushless motor
  • Product Length: 408.6mm
  • Product Width: 283.4mm
  • Product Height: 174.5mm
  • Product Weight: 2.03KG
  • Transmitter: Included
  • Rear wheel track: 230.8mm
  • Receiver: Included
  • Scale: 1/12
  • Servo: Included
  • Speed controller: Included
  • Spur gear: 38T
  • Suspension: Independent
  • Truck type: Stunt truck
  • Wheel base: 244.8mm

Motor Specs

  • Type: Brushless
  • Weight:
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm bullet connectors


    High Bright LED Lights

    • Domelights
    • Controllable headlights
    • Taillights

    Waterproof Electronic Speed Control

    • Integrated ESC
    • Real-time telemetry
    • Electronic Stability Program(gyroscope)
    • Powered accessory ports


    • PVC material bodyshell, high toughness and not easy to deformation
    • Front and rear bumper
    • The wheels are also equipped with dummy brake discs integrated hex adapters

    Wheels and Tires

    • 100mm off-road tires


    • Provides scale looks and authentic off-road dynamics
    • Front and rear independent suspension damping
    • High-efficiency metal drive shaft


    • 6kg digital Steering Servo
    • Dual bellcrank design with bearings and integrated servo saver
    • Solid non-adjustable steering links for rugged durability


    • Steel driveshafts
    • Oil-filled limited slip front differential
    • Heavy-duty splined front driveshaft
    • Fixed-length steel rear driveshaft

    Sealed Ball Bearing

Hardware with rust-resistant native oxid coating.

What's In The Box

  • Racing Truck with ESC and Motor
  • User Manual
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Maintenance tools

What you'll need

  • Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter
  • Rechargeable battery: 2S/3S
  • Charger


Brand UDI RC

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