Trumpeter 1/72 Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor

Trumpeter 1/72 Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor



The STALINETZ S-65 (or Starlinze-65) was basically an improved design based on the S-60 and succeeding it on the production line from June 20 1937,It has an 65-75 hp M17 diesel engine. As of 1941 the STALINETZ S-65 was the most numerous type of full-tracked artillery tractor with in the Soviet Army. The exact figure how many of the 37,626.

Item No: 07112
Item Name:Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor
Bar Code: 9580208071121
Scale: 1:72
Item Type: Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Brief: Length: 55.7mm: Width:33.5 mm:
Total Parts: 17 pcs
Metal Parts: n/a
Photo Etched Parts: n/a
Film Parts: n/a
Resin Parts: n/a
Total Sprues: 3 sprues
Released Date: 2016-09
More Features: The kit consists of 17 parts



Brand Trumpeter