Trumpeter 1/72 128mm Sf.L/61Pz.Sf.V “Sturer Emil

Trumpeter 1/72 128mm Sf.L/61Pz.Sf.V “Sturer Emil

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Henschel was authorized to carry on the development of VK3001 in September of 1938, and has made 4 chassises during theperiodfrom March of 1941 to October, among themtwowererepackedintotheheavy-duty anti-tank gun and attacked and wipe outthecaratthebeginning of 1942, installantitankgunthat128mm. ofantiaircraftgunsrefitted. 128mmSFL/61 is used in in the east line fighting, on ofthemwas captured in 1943, the photo of another on showed that there are 22 combat successes in it .
Hull length:9.7m
Weight 35.0tons
Engine:Maybach HL116
Road speed:25km/h
Armament:128mm gun1 MG34 machine gun1

Item No : 07210

Item Name : 12.8cm Sf. L/61 (Pz.Sf.V) STURER EMIL
Bar Code : 6922803672106
Scale : 1/72
Item Type : Static Armor
Model Brief : Length: 135.6mm Width: 44.1mm Height: 56.8mm
Total Parts : 110pcs
Film Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 6pcs
Paint Schemes : n/a
Released Date : n/a
More Features : n/a


Brand Trumpeter

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