Trumpeter 05568 1/35 Soviet SU-152 Tank - Late

Trumpeter 05568 1/35 Soviet SU-152 Tank - Late



The SU-152 (??-152) was a Soviet self-propelled heavy howitzer used during World War II. It mounted a 152 mm gun-howitzer on the chassis of a KV-1S heavy tank. Later production used IS tank chassis and was re-designated as ISU-152. Because of its adopted role of as an impromptu heavy tank destroyer, capable of knocking out the heaviest German armoured vehiclesxTiger and Panther tanks, and Elefant tank destroyersxit was nicknamed Zveroboy, beast killer".

Item No : 05568

Item Name : Soviet SU-152 Late

Bar Code : 9580208055688
Scale : 1:35
Item Type : Static Kit
Model Brief : Length: 256.6mm : Width:94.8 mm
Total Parts : 460+
Metal Parts : Gun barrel
Photo Etched Parts : 2 PCS
Film Parts : N/A
Resin Parts : N/A
Total Sprues : 22 sprues ,turret and lower hull
Released Date : 2012-03
More Features "The kit consists of over 460 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded lower hull
>192 individual tracks links:
>Photo Etched Parts & Metal gun barrel included"


Brand Trumpeter

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