Trumpeter 1/144 Russian Kilo Class Submarine 05903

Trumpeter 1/144 Russian Kilo Class Submarine 05903



The Russian Kilo Class Attack Submarine fist entered service in the early 1980's. It was designed by the Rubin Central Maritime Design Bureau, St Petersburg. Subsequent developments have led to the current production versions, the Type 877EKM and most recently, the Type 636. The submarine was originally built at the Komsomolsk shipyard but is now constructed at the Admiralty Shipyard in St Petersburg. 24 Kilo Class Submarines are in service in the Russian Navy (most of older designs). They have also been exported to Iran, China, India, Poland, Romania and Algeria. China has two Type 636 submarine which are designed for antisubmarine (ASW) and anti-surface ship (ASuW) warfare as well as for general reconnaissance and patrol missions. The Type 636 submarine is considered to be one of the quietest diesel submarines in the world. It is said to be capable of detecting an enemy submarine at a range 3 to 4 times greater than it can be detected itself.
Item No : 05903
Item Name : Russian Kilo Class Attack Submarine
Bar Code : n/a
Scale : 1:144
Item Type : Static Kit
Model Brief : L: 511.5 mm W: 96mm H: 147mm
Total Parts : 53pcs
Metal Parts : n/a
Photo Etched Parts : n/a
Film Parts : n/a
Resin Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 3pcs+Upper waterline hull
Paint Schemes : For SSK Kilo Class (Type 636)
Released Date : n/a
More Features : n/a



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