Power Hungry Pets by Exploding Kittens

Power Hungry Pets by Exploding Kittens



Use your animalistic powers to eliminate everyone else at the table!

Features: Player Elimination

It’s the strategy game for people who HATE strategy games!

Every card has a number and a way to torment the other players. The higher the number, the more vicious the card. You only have two cards, so decide which to keep and which to use to backstab, steal from, or obliterate the other players. That’s right, you only ever need to make one choice at a time–it’s a breeze…until it isn’t! In the end, the person left with the highest card wins!

This is a Love Letter Game that’s easy-to-learn, quick-to-play, and powerfully funny!


  •     21 Cards
  •     7 Tokens

2-6 Players  |  15 Mins  |  Ages 7+


Brand Exploding Kittens

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