Noch HO Lavender 18 strips & 18 bushes

Noch HO Lavender 18 strips & 18 bushes



Noch - HO/TT Lavender Stripes (18) & Tufts (18)

The electro-magnatically flocked Lavender consists out of 18 flexible stripes and 18 trufts. The stripes and tufts are simply glued to the landscape.

Lavender originated in the mediterranean coastal regions. There it grows at dry, warm overhangs from Dalamtia the Greece, as well as in the Italian Toscany and is very common. Real lavender grows on dry and stoney overhangs and occasionally reaches the border of forests

- Scale / Gauge: HO, TT
- Category: Trees Bushes & Plants
- Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces


Brand Noch