Noch HO Coping Stones

Noch HO Coping Stones



Detailed landscape decoration!

Put the finishing touches to your model landscapes with the high-quality wall edging made of NOCH textured hard foam. These precision-manufactured edges are the ideal finish for your miniature worlds and offer a realistic representation of walls and boundaries.

The advantage of NOCH Structured Hard Foam lies in its flexibility and simplicity. The material can be cut to size effortlessly with a standard cutter knife to adapt it perfectly to your individual requirements. Thanks to its fine structure, the rigid foam offers a realistic surface that can be easily dyed and colored to give your landscapes an authentic touch.

Whether you want to create a historic city wall, a modern embankment or a rustic garden wall, you can achieve an impressive result with the NOCH textured rigid foam wall edging.

5 pieces made of textured hard foam,
9.8 x 1 cm
0.4 cm high


Brand Noch