Mac 1/87 Gaz Radio Car MAC-87027

Mac 1/87 Gaz Radio Car MAC-87027



Soviet Red army interested in a light off road non armoured car in the mid of thirties.

The history of GAZ (Gorkiy Avtomobil Zavod) began with the GAZ 61- one of the first Russian off road vehicles, which was constructed in 1938. In order to use it as a small military 4WD, Gaz 61 was modified, it's better say totally reconstrued in short period (February - March 1941) to GAZ-64. It looked like American Jeep, but its performances were poor. After modernization in 1943 the GAZ-67 was produced. In all over 90 000 GAZ-67 were built to autumn 1953. Most of them (95%) were of post war production. There were different modifications of GAZ-67: Hard-top, amphibian, street cleaner, fire automobile and soon.

The GAZ-67 was modified many times and in the fifties the GAZ-69 model appeared. It was created by Grigoriy Vasserman in 1947. The prototype was made in 1949. The first serial GAZ-69 was made on September 1953. At the end of 1954 production of GAZ-69 moved to Ulyanovsk (UAZ).

The production followed in both factories and from 1956 continued only in Ulyanovsk. In December 1972 the GAZ-69 was replaced by the UAZ-469.

Below are some modifications of GAZ-69:
- GAZ-69 - 2-door, 2 + 6 seat or 2 + 500kg base model
- GAZ-69A - 4-door, 5 seat commando car
- GAZ-69AM - export version of GAZ-69A with 65hp modified bore engine
- GAZ-69AE - screened equipment version of GAZ-69A
- GAZ-69B - field repair technical assistance car
- GAZ-19 - 2WD experimental post delivery hardtop
- GAZ-46 (MAV) - amphibian

There were also special modifications of 2-door version: radiostation, fire engine, street sweeper, drilling equipment, radiation survey, anti-tank rocket gun, hardtop Militia Patrol car and ambulance. Together there were.
Base model GAZ-69 and GAZ-69A Commando car served for long time in large quantities in Warsaw Pact countries. GAZ-69 MAIN TECHNICAL DATA

Length: 3850 mm
Width: 1850 mm (69A - 1750 mm)
Height: 2030 mm (69A - 1920 mm)
Wheelbase: 2300 mm
Clearance: 210 mm (both axles)
Gross weight: 1525 kg
Completely loaded weight: 2175 kg (69A - 1960 kg)
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Fuel capacity: 48l
Fuel consumption: 15l/100km
Max. climb angle (uphill): 5°
Max. climb angle (downhill): 35°
Engine: 55 hp/3600rpm 4-cyl 4 stroke, 2112 ccm
Bore/stroke: 82/100 mm


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