Kato N Passport Set - Glacier Express Train Set

Kato N Passport Set - Glacier Express Train Set



  • Passenger car set with locomotive and 2 panorama cars, high quality, with detailed design and wonderful craftsmanship
    • Car 1: Electric Locomotive Ge4/4-III 644 - Glacier on Tour Painting - (powered-motor)
    • Car 2: Type Ap1314 1st Class Panorama Car
    • Car 3: Type Bp2535 2nd Class Panorama Car
    • Locomotive equipped with Flywheel drive and suspension mechanism for powerful, realistic, and smooth operation. With working head light.
    • Unitrack Oval Track Set - approximate size 32.3" x 13.7" (821 x 347mm)
    • 2x Straight Track 248mm (S248), 2x Straight Track 124mm (S124)
    • 1x Feeder Track 62mm (S62F), 1x Straight Track 62mm (S62)
    • 1x Road Crossing Track 124mm (S124C), 8x Radius 45º Curve Track 150mm (R150-45)
    • 1x Rerailer, 1x Adapter Cord


Brand Kato

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