Kato N Passenger Car OHA NI 61

Kato N Passenger Car OHA NI 61



Series 60 is a metal coach which was made in the quantity of 3,500 cars, utilizing the former wood coaches’ underframes, etc., for enhanced and securer transport after the war. It used to exist in various versions such as the 3rd class passenger car, luggage car, cars including post or luggage section, etc.The prototype for the various models is the coach whose door window frame is pressed in a piece that was made from 1952 to 1954. OHYUNI is the early version which has a slot for post. The vertical water pipe is round for OHA, OHAFU, while it is square for OHANI, OHAYUNI in the cross section. Accurate representation of the prototype such as equalizer truck TR11, destination sign holders positioned just below windows and the number of windows, that is one more than series 43 coach’s.


Brand Kato

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