Kato N P42 Amtrak Phase Vb Diesel Locomotive

Kato N P42 Amtrak Phase Vb Diesel Locomotive



The General Electric P42, also known as the "Genesis" locomotive, is a modern 4200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada with Amtrak utilizing it in a majority of their revenue service. The Phase V "wave" paint scheme was originally introduced in 2000 to accompany the new Amtrak Acela and featured Amtrak’s new logo; it has since undergone at least one revision from its original Phase V appearance with a lowered sill stripe and the removal of the “Amtrak” lettering from beneath the cab. Features: The most current appearance of Amtrak's Phase V passenger locomotives. Equipped with body mounted Kato magnetic knuckle couplers. Award-winning DCC friendly mechanism with a powerful five-pole motor driven flywheel drive. Directional Golden white LED headlights and illuminated pre-printed numberboards.Locomotive Details:Class: P42Railroad: Genesis AmtrakLivery: Silver / BlueRoad Number: 160Wheel Configuration: Bo-Bo


Brand Kato

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