Kato N GE 4/4 II 631 Locomotive

Kato N GE 4/4 II 631 Locomotive



A new locomotive Ge4/4-II 631 will join the popular Swiss RhatischeBahnseries. This is a small locomotive modelled after SBB Re4/4 in terms of design characterised by the rounded edge body and wide side windows. It is a locomotive which is mostly used in the current RhatischeBahnfleet and widely deployed, mostly drawing Glacier Express on Disentisto St. Moritz and Bernina Express Chur to St. Moritz lines as well as freight trains etc. This locomotive in the current RhatischeBahn’sstandard livery of red and grey will match coaches of the existing Kato’s scale models Glacier Express and Bernina Express and EW-I.


Brand Kato

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