Kato N EMD E5A Red Band CB&Q #9912A Diesel Locomotive

Kato N EMD E5A Red Band CB&Q #9912A Diesel Locomotive



The EMD E5 was built as a 2000 horsepower (despite the “E” in the name of the locomotive series originally referring to an “Eighteen hundred” horsepower engine specification) locomotive for passenger service specifically for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy. As of 2012 “Silver Pilot” is the last surviving E5 unit, residing at the Illinois Railways Museum in Union, IL. Model Features: Directional Amber LED headlights and illuminated, pre-printed numberboards. De-skirted trucks for a late type appearance, appropriate for operation with both the Silver Streak Zephyr as well as the California Zephyr. DCC friendly mechanism coupled to a powerful 5-pole motor. Comes with an optional coupler clip and removable front cowling to portray the locomotive with either an exposed or hidden coupler housing. Locomotive Details:Class: E5ARailroad: CB&Q (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad)Livery: Road Number: 9912AWheel Configuration: Co-CoSpecifications:Decoder: Retro Fit RequiredSound: NACouplings: Knuckle


Brand Kato

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