I Love Kit 1/200 Battleship Mikasa 1905 Plastic Model Kit 62004

I Love Kit 1/200 Battleship Mikasa 1905 Plastic Model Kit 62004



HIJMS Mikasa in January 24, 1899 at Vickers shipyard construction. Handover ceremony was held on March 1 in Southampton handed over to the Japanese navy. July 17 to reach the port of Maizuru domicile.

December 28, 1903, Mikasa become joint fleet flagship. February 6, 1904 began to participate in Russo-Japanese War. August 10 to participate in the Yellow Sea. December 28 into Kure repair. February 21, 1905 to reach the town of Bay, then to the ground as a stronghold in the Tsushima Strait training. May 27, in Tsushima Strait and the Russian Baltic Fleet naval war on the 28th. Mikasa in the Battle of Tsushima Strait led the Japanese combined fleet into a most decisive naval battle in the history of the Russian fleet is almost completely wiped out. On the other hand, the Japanese lost only 116 individuals and three torpedo boats.

September 11, 1905, Mikasa in Sasebo harbor because the rear of the ammunition depot explosion and sank, the accident total 339 dead. August 8, 1906 to salvage Sasebo factory for repair, the first Fleet flagship again on April 24, 1908 active duty.

1914 Mikasa make decisions based on the Washington Naval Treaty of waste ships. September 1, 1923 because of the Great Kanto Earthquake hit make Mikasa docks, flooding, September 20 Expulsion in the Imperial Navy .

According to the Washington Naval Treaty of waste after the ship, the Japanese nationals to save sports Mikasa of very enthusiastic, Japan's place as the disintegration of Mikasa Park, and the various efforts to save under, has been preserved.

Item No     62004
Item Name     Japanese Battleship Mikasa 1905
Bar Code     890781620043
Scale     1:200
Item Type     Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model Brief     Length: 658.5mm   Beam: 124mm  
Total Parts     930+
Metal Parts     anchor chain
Photo Etched Parts     5 pcs
Film Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Total Sprues     17 sprues , stand and decks
Released Date     2016-01
More Features     -hull split into two parts
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
- Realistically detailed gun barrels w/hollow ends made from slide mould
-Contains display stand and Photo-Etched name plate
- Photo-Etched parts included


Brand I Love Kits