Gopher Models N Scale C38 Class Loco NSWGR 3813 (green)

Gopher Models N Scale C38 Class Loco NSWGR 3813 (green)



Gopher Models N Gauge NSW Class 38 Steam Locomotive - 3813 Edition

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and intricate detail of the Gopher Models N Gauge NSW Class 38 Steam Locomotive, created in exclusive collaboration with Hobbies Australia. This meticulously engineered model train embodies the heritage and technological advancements of the iconic NSW Class 38, making it a must-have for any model railway enthusiast.

3813: A Celebrated Star of Australia's Railway Milestones

On 22 August 1970, locomotives 3801 and 3813 departed Sydney on the "Western Endeavour" train, marking the celebration of the newly completed trans-continental standard-gauge railway. 3813 assisted 3801 as far as Port Augusta, while 3801 continued on to Perth with the Western Endeavour.

A highlight of 3813's service career occurred in 1955 when it was selected for the NSWGR Centenary Exhibition at Central Station. Alongside other notable exhibits such as 1243, 1948, 3264, and 5805, as well as NSWGR No.1 from the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, 3813 was displayed prominently. It was positioned with its driving wheels slightly lifted above the rails, rotating under the power of an electric motor, captivating visitors with a dynamic demonstration of its engineering prowess.

3813 is the only locomotive produced at Cardiff that was not scrapped, though it was dismantled and never reassembled. It is currently at the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum, awaiting its reassembly and a hopeful return to its former glory

38 Class: Engineering Marvel

The C38 Class locomotive, built by Cardiff Locomotive Workshops, boasts impressive specifications that define its power and capability on the rails. With a wheel configuration of "Pacific" 4-6-2 and a driving wheel diameter of 5ft 9in, it exhibits remarkable traction and stability. Its substantial size, with a length of 76ft 5in and a total weight of 201 tons, ensures its presence is felt on the tracks. Equipped with a generous fuel capacity of 14 tons and a water capacity of 8,100 gallons, the C38 Class locomotive is ready for long-haul journeys. Its firebox area of 47 sq ft and boiler pressure of 245 psi enable efficient steam generation, while the cylinders, measuring 21.5in x 26in, deliver a formidable tractive effort of 36,273 lbf. The engineering marvel that is the C38 Class locomotive, embodies the legacy of Cardiff Locomotive Workshops and the rich history of railroading.


Gopher Models N Scale C38 Loco features
1/160 N Scale
DC Coreless Motor
DCC Sound Ready
Working Headlamp
Swivel Bogies on Tender
Accurately reproduced motion mechanism
Magne-MaticTM #1015 Couplers
Min track radius 10.5in



Brand Gopher