DCCconcepts End of Train Lamp (w/ All Electronics) (3PK)

DCCconcepts End of Train Lamp (w/ All Electronics) (3PK)




DCCconcepts End of Train Lamp..(with All Electronics)..(3 Pack)

3x Beautifully crafted scale sized modern EOT lamp complete with 3 full sets of onboard electronics for lamp flash, featuring the ability to automatically turn on/turn off and ready for accessory decoder connection too. Easy mounting with a simple rear pin. Super-fine 0.12mm wire for an almost invisible connection (see online manual for instructions).

DCCconcepts EOT lamp is the first ever truly-to-scale, realistic model of this absolutely essential accessory for the modern image modeller. Made using the original lamp as a reference, the DCCconcepts EOT lamp has been carefully crafted to exact 4mm scale and is perfect for UK modellers. (because the real difference between 4mm scale and HO is very small with an item this tiny, it is also usable for European, Australian and other freight trains too) For illumination, the lamp incorporates one of our ultra-small NANOlight LEDS with a perfect ...safety red.. tint to properly replicate the real look of these lamps in use - keeping it accurate right through to its operation!

What is in the pack?

Included is everything you might need for installation of 3 lamps for use on both DC and DCC layouts, including pickups.

  • 3x Truly-to-scale EOT Lamps

  • 3x Colour coded wiring harnesses

  • 3x ...Hall triggers.. for automatic on/off on DC or DCC layouts.

  • 3x Mini Neodymium magnets (Super-magnets) for EOT on/off triggering

  • 1x Metre of fine wire for Wiring Pickups

  • 12x Pickup springs for standard 2mm axles.



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