Albion Alloys

Albion Alloys Precision Metals For Model Makers

Albion Alloys are proud to produce high precision metals specially suited for modelling. Products include tubes, rods, strips and sheets in brass, aluminium and copper materials. Albion Alloys produces metal products in both imperial and metric sizes.

Many metals are available in 305mm and 1m lengths. One of the fantastic features of Albion sizing is the telescopic slide-fit of many square and round tubes.



One of the most exciting new products available to the model maker. You can now create all kinds of shapes, designs and structures with Albion Alloys micro tubes. The Connecto pieces are easy to use. Simply remove form the sprue, insert cut lengths of tube and begin to assemble. The Connecto legs are easily bent or removed enabling 3D shapes to be created easily and simply.

The Connecto product codes act as a helpful guide as to which micro tube it’s to be used with-

i.e. C-07 is used with MBT07 / MAT07 / NST07 etc.

We have created a short Youtube video to guide you through the simple build process.

The Connecto Range can help you design & build complex shapes using the Albion Alloys Micro Tube Range including:

  • Complete or part built airframe structures , ideal for detailing scale plastic projects
  • Antennae / avionics
  • Ships masts and railings
  • AFV cargo stowage, engine maintenance joists
  • Scaffolding / aircraft access ladders
  • Architectural displays / plastic card fabrication

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