Wilesco D9 Steam Engine

Wilesco D9 Steam Engine



This kit is the best way to begin for steam friends who are keen of steam technology. The monted kit has the same specifications as the factory produced D 10 Steam Engine and has power enough to run models of the Wilesco range. This kit is easy to assemble for the least experienced steam fan with the illustrated instruction pamphlet.


Mirror polished
Nickel Plated Boiler
Diameter 45mm
Length 115 mm
Boiler capacity 155cm
Water Gauge Glass
Boiler House
Copper Plated
Embossed Brick
2 Footbridges
Double Action Reversible
Brass Cylinder
Spring Loaded
Safety Valve
Dome Whistle
Flywheel 70mm
Grooved Pulley
Centrifugal Governor
Steam Jet Oiler
Finely Painted
Metal Base Plate 200x260 mm
Smoke Stack 240mm


Brand Wilesco