Wilesco 00430 D 430 Steam Locomobile black/brass

Wilesco 00430 D 430 Steam Locomobile black/brass



This engine has a partitioned smoke chamber at the front for the condensation and to allow the smoke to escape through the chimney, which is hinged in the middle. The sight glass acts as a water gauge. with two flywheels with a which can be operated in forward and reverse. The Wilesco locomobile is driven by a chain and the front axle can be steered. Operating time approx. 15 minutes. The model is heated by dry spirit tablets. All parts are either painted or plated.


Brass Boiler Diameter 2.2
Length 9.1
Diameter of 3.2
Reversible Double Action Cylinder
Exact Indicating Pressure Gauge
Spring Loaded Safety Valve
Whistle with Chain
Steam Regulator
Steam Jet Oiler
Water Drain Tap
Black Varnished Boiler
House with Gangways and Ladder


Brand Wilesco