Wilesco D368 Steam Roller Black and Nickel

Wilesco D368 Steam Roller Black and Nickel



The exiting range of the steamroller Old Smoky has been enlarged by a black-nickel version. Look at our steamroller and you can see the familiar products that delight you all the time. Let us introduce you to our new steamroller D 368 which was created due to the rising demand for show case products in nickel design. It has like the familiar steamrollers a chimney which smokes realistically and can be used with our universal remote control Z 361. You will find this decorative model on lots of desks around the world soon! The technical specifications are identical to those of the D365.


Black Nickel Version
Height 320x150x200mm
Weight: 2.3kg
Steamroller Old Smoky
Steamroller D368
Remote Control Z361


Brand Wilesco