Wilesco D 165 Steam Engine, starter set

Wilesco D 165 Steam Engine, starter set



When you buy the D 165 you save big on the price of the individual models. This set includes the Real Steam Classic D 16, the large countershaft M57, the drill M51 and all necessary drive belts. Further driven models from the Wilesco range can be added without any problem. The D 165 represents a superb start up set at an amazing price. Put your engine to work with one or more of our great mechanical animations from our huge range of quality Wilesco products. We also have fuel and tools to keep your Wilesco product in top condition.


D16 Steam Engine
M51 Drill Press
M57 Large Countershaft
Z80 Belts
Steam Engine
Mirror Polished
Nickel Plated Boiler
Diameter 2.25
Length 5.5
Boiler Capacity 15
Water Gauge Glass
Boiler House
Embossed Brick
Type Walls
Reversible Brass Cylinder
Spring Loaded
Safety Valve
Steam Regulator
Flywheel 3.25
Grooved Pulley
Sturdy Attractive
Cast Piston Rods
Centrifugal Governor
Steam Jet Oiler
Condensed Water


Brand Wilesco