Wilesco D 16 Steam Engine

Wilesco D 16 Steam Engine



The boiler of the D16 is quickly heated and the entire linkage is always around in infinitely variable position of the steam valve controller. Many of our customers already harbored the dream, to be the proud owner of a Wilesco steam engine in their childhood. This dream she can fulfill today with the purchase of a D16, a steam engine, which rightly call a timeless toys," our customers. Some people refer to them affectionately as "PlayStation of the 70' he '.


Nickel Plated
Diameter 55mm
Length 140mm
Boiler Capacity 250cm
Brass Cylinder
Steam Engine
Flywheel Anwerfbaren
Spring Loaded
Safety Valve
Steam Whistle
Chain Hoist
Dampfabsperr Knob Valve
Flywheel 80mm
Casting Rods
Centrifugal Regulator
Steam Jet Oiler
Gallery Bar
Base Dimensions: 310x250mm
Height: 280mm
Weight: 1.8kg


Brand Wilesco