Trumpeter 1/72 Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1972 Plastic Model Kit

Trumpeter 1/72 Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1972 Plastic Model Kit

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The T-62 was originally conceived as a companion weapon to the T-55, being:essentially a T-55 up-gunned with the 2A20 115mm cannon. Both the T-55 and the T-62:used the same wheels, track, engine, transmission, hatches and other fittings. The primary differences between the two vehicles were the T-62's lengthened hull and new turret design. The new UT-5 cannon could fire its BR-5 APFSDS steel round through approximately 300mm of armour at a range of 1000 metres. This was adequate to deal with the then perceived threat of such NATO tanks as the American M48 and later models of the British Centurion. The T-62 was meant to add long range firing capability to Soviet tank regiments being placed alongside T-55s, but in the later years of its deployment it fulfilled much the same role as the T-55.

Despite being introduced in 1960, the improved performance of its successor, the T-72, the T-62 still sees service today in many of the world's armies, the Arab nations being the largest consumers outside the Warsaw Pact.Egypt,Iraq, andSyriahave been notable users of the T-62.Israelhas acquired a quantity of T-62s in clashes with its neighbours and has rebuilt them to IDF standards.:

Item No: 07147
Item Name: Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1972
Bar Code: 9580208071473
Scale: 1:72
Item Type: Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Brief: Length: 139mm: Width: 48.6mm:
Total Parts: 60+
Metal Parts: N/A
Photo Etched Parts: N/A
Film Parts: N/A
Resin Parts: N/A
Total Sprues: 3 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and tracks
Released Date: 2018-04
More Features: The kit consists of over 60 parts


Brand Trumpeter

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