Trumpeter 1/72 Russian BTR-80 APC

Trumpeter 1/72 Russian BTR-80 APC

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The BTR-80 appeared in the 1980's when it became obvious that the BTR-70 was an inadequate APC (from the Afghanistan experience). Again, it retains the shape of the BTR-60PB and BTR-70 and retains their basic features, including armament, night-vision equipment, NBC protection system etc, amphibious capability etc. The BTR-80 can hold seven men in addition to the two crewmen. There are three forward-facing firing ports along the length of the hull, one at the front of the vehicle for the commander, and two in the roof hatches. The front two firing ports are designed for PK general-purpose machine guns. The remaining firing ports are designed for the AKM/ AK-74 assault rifles.:
Item No : 07267
Item Name : Russian BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier
Bar Code : 9580208072678
Scale : 1/72
Item Type : Static Kit
Model Brief : Length: 105mm : Width:40 mm : Height:32 mm
Total Parts : 67pcs
Total Sprues : 1pcs lower hull, upper hull, tyres
Paint Schemes : Russian Army
Released Date : 2007-08
More Features : The kit consists of 59 parts in grey plastic with an:
additional 8 rubber tyres"



Brand Trumpeter

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