Trumpeter 05781 1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43 1941

Trumpeter 05781 1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43 1941



The battleship USS Tennessee (BB-43) is aTennesseeclass battleship of the first ship.USSTennesseein 1917 in Broolyn shipyard built, launched in 1919, in 1920.

Then USS Tennessee, mainly on training, and participated in various fleet problem-solving exercises.In 1941, the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, USS Tennessee, is influenced by the Japanese planes attacked, but were impaired relative minor, after the attack back to Native American repair, then involved in the battle of Guadalcanal island.USS Tennessee, then again returned, and modern alterations.Alterations after USS Tennessee, has participated in the Aleutians, Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign, the Mariana Islands and Palau, during the battle of Leyte Gulf War, Lingayen Gulf War and the battle of Iwo jima.During the battle of Okinawa, USS Tennessee, had been a kamikaze aircraft suicide attack, but a slightly impaired.1945 USS Tennessee number in the Allied Occupation of Japan, then returned home.1947 USS Tennessee retired, and in 1959 except by selling dismantling.

Item No: 05781
Item Name:USS Tennessee BB-43 1941
Bar Code: 9580208057811
Scale: 1:700
Item Type: Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model Brief: Length: 272.2mm: Beam:43.4 mm:
Total Parts: 420+
Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece
Total Sprues: 14 sprues , upper hull , lower hull , waterline plate , decks and stand
Released Date: 2016-02
More Features: Lower hull & upper hull made from multi-directional slide moulds.
-: Either full hull version or waterline version can be selected.
-: Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-: Contains two OS2U plane
-: Contains display stand and engraved name plate
-: Photo-etched frets included


Brand Trumpeter