Trumpeter 1/350 JMSDF DDG-177 Atago Destroyer

Trumpeter 1/350 JMSDF DDG-177 Atago Destroyer



The ATAGO was laid down in April 5 2004,launched in August 24 2005,and completed in March 15 2007 in Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Nagasaki Shipyad.As of 2007,the ATAGO class is fundamentally an improved and scale-up version of the KONGO class,a hangar was newly added in order to carry one SH-60k helicopter.To enhance the function as a command center,its bridge is by two floors higher than the Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class,making its load displacment larger than 10,000 tons for the first time as a JMSDF surface combat vessel.So it features a large accommodation and capable of flexible operation.It carrise Mk-45 mod 4 127mm 62 caliber gun,whose battery is stealth-shaped.Mk41 VLS is capable of launching Standed Missiles,ASROC missiles,and Sca Sparrow missiles.For anti-surface attack,domestically-mode Type 90 surface-to-surface guided missiles(SSM-1B) were carried instead of US-made Harpoon missiles.
Item No : 04536
Item Name : JMSDF DDG-177 Atago Destroyer
Bar Code : 9580208045368
Scale : 1:350
Item Type : ????
Model Brief : Length:439.5 mm Width: 65mm
Total Parts : 602pcs
Metal Parts : n/a
Photo Etched Parts : 3pcs
Film Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 10sprues , upper hull , lower hull ,waterline plate , deck , sh-60k and stand
Paint Schemes : JMSDF DDG-177
Released Date : 2010-10
More Features : -Lower hull made from two-directional slide moulds.
-Separate sonar due to her sphere.
-Either full hull version or waterline version can be s"


Brand Trumpeter

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