Trumpeter 1/35 Israel Tiran-6 MBT 05576

Trumpeter 1/35 Israel Tiran-6 MBT 05576



: IDF Tiran-6 is modernization of ex-Syrian T-62. Fitted with laser rangefinder and thermal imaging sight for the gunner. The tank was also fitted with US-made radio. Some Tiran-6 have Blazer" reactive armour tiles fitted to the hull and turret. Tiran-6s also have a flat plate bustle rack added to the turret rear, two stowage bins (one on the right side of the turret and other one on the rear of the turret), larger headlight bracket on the glacis plate and pintle mounts for machine guns on the turret roof in front of each hatch. The 12.7:mm DShK 1938/46 antiaircraft heavy machine gun was replaced by an M1919 Browning light machine gun. The M2 Browning heavy machine gun was mounted on top of the mantlet of the main gun.

Item No:05576
Item Name:IDF Tiran-6 MBT
Bar Code:9580208055763
Item Type:Static Armor
Model Brief:Length: 286mm:Width: 95mm:
Total Parts:310+
Metal Parts:gun barrel , brass cable
Photo Etched Parts:1
Film Parts:n/a
Resin Parts:n/a
Total Sprues:22 sprues and lower hull
Released Date:2014-11
More Features:The kit consists of over 610 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded lower hull
>217 individual tracks links
>photo-etched parts included




Brand Trumpeter

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