Noch HO Ornamental Plants, 9 flower pots N14012

Noch HO Ornamental Plants, 9 flower pots N14012





NOCH are established manufacturers of scenic and landscaping materials for model railways.

The new and super realistic flower arrangements are very impressive because of their great detail. High quality and handmade Laser-Cut minis+ plants have been set into hand-painted flower pots and flower troughs. The flowers and foliage plants in the flower pots are the very popular NOCH grass tufts having been planted inhand-painted pots. The advantages at a glance: Ready-to-use mini plants Super lifelike thanks to Laser-Cut and flocking Take a Laser-Cut minis+ plant out of the package, put a spot of glue on it, and fix it on the landscape!


Description: Ornamental Plants in flower pots

Track Gauge: HO

Pieces: 9


Brand Noch