Kato N Passport Set - ABe 8/8 Train Set

Kato N Passport Set - ABe 8/8 Train Set



The RhB Allegra winds slowly through the mountains running through the Rhaetian Railway. This set shows off the elegance of Swiss rail travel with this three car unit decorated in RhB livery.This set also includes the newer designed Compact oval which offers tighter curves to maximize available space on your table / baseboard. It also includes a rerailer, controller and UK power pack. The track just clips together and can be taken apart with ease which makes it an ideal system to start out with. There is no soldering required to connect the controller to the track as the feeder wire just inserts under the track and plugs into the controller. This set can be extended by using the Variation Packs or with packs of Kato Unitrack. Contents: 3 Car ABe 8/12 EMU Compact Starter Oval Controller UK Power Pack Feeder Wires Rerailer Measurements: Space Required: 325mm × 821mm


Brand Kato