Gundam 1/60 PG Unleashed RX-78-2

Gundam 1/60 PG Unleashed RX-78-2



"PERFECT GRADE UNLEASHED" adopts a step-by-step assembly process. It is designed so that you can experience the evolution of Gunpla by condensing the latest Gunpla technology for each internal frame, mechanical parts, truss frame, exterior, production and assembly phase. The evolutionary connection of each phase leads to the completion of the mobile suit as GUNPLA EVOLUTION SYSTEM

Uses the largest insert frame in Gunpla history. It is a specification that the frame of the whole body that becomes the bone can be assembled at the earliest stage in the history of PG. Furthermore, the frame is used as the core to create an interlocking gimmick for the whole body.

Uses the largest insert molding in the history of Gunpla. Both overwhelming interlocking gimmick and simple assembly.

It is possible to assemble the internal frame of the whole body with the minimum number of processes in PG history. You can feel the feeling of manufacturing a real MS and the sense of accomplishment in each stage by the process of manufacturing from the skeleton formation of the whole body, not the process of assembling each part such as legs and arms.

Set the largest movable axis in the history of Gunpla. The fuselage, which uses a core block mechanism, uses a new structure that combines multiple movable shafts. A slide mechanism is adopted for each joint in the legs to reproduce natural poses.

A link mechanism woven by a newly designed movable mechanism on the body allows for natural and powerful poses. New designs that exceed the restrictions of parts interference of each part are everywhere.

The range of motion is secured with a pantograph gimmick that slides the hip joint. The armor of the waist also moves in conjunction with the abdomen to expand the range of movement of the legs.

Multiple structures derived through thorough setting verification. The overwhelming amount of information comes from the precisely calculated internal structure. Not only the details of the inner frame, but also the solid 59-part truss frame with a metallic texture makes the density ultimate.

Uses metallic molding colors and plated parts to create a metallic feel. Pursuing the structure as a mechanism derived from detailed setting examination. Achieves high-density expression by overlapping with detailed internal details.

A high-density heat sink is built into the knee. Fine color coding is achieved by finely dividing the parts.

Using a variety of materials including 3 types of secondary processing such as silver plating, matte gold plating, chrome plating, metal parts, and 4 types of different materials such as newly developed etching seals covering 15 parts of the whole body, the concept of plastic model Produces a majestic appearance that overturns. With these, anyone can lead to an unprecedented degree of perfection.

Equipped with a new LED unit that creates an operating scene. A new compact RGB 2-lamp type LED light that enables color change and an internal design that maximizes light guide efficiency make both movable and luminous. Equipped with hatch opening gimmicks covering all 53 parts of the main body, it is possible to reproduce maintenance scenes that are closer to the real image.


Brand Gundam
Shipping Width 0.405m
Shipping Height 0.130m
Shipping Length 0.630m
Shipping Cubic 0.033169500m3

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