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The T-34 was the most-produced tank of World War II. When the German Wehrmacht first encountered it in battle in 1941, German tank generals von Kleist and Guderian called it “the deadliest tank in the world.”

The contents of this box allows you to assemble two T-34 tanks with both 76mm and 85mm turrets.

The fast-moving T-34 tank was the mainstay of the Red Army's tank force throughout the war. Entering battle in 1943, the improved 1942 model fought in every major engagement for the rest of the war. Despite improvements in enemy equipment, its 76mm gun was still adequate to deal with German medium tanks like the Panzer IV, especially as the T-34 outnumbered them two or three to one. 

After encountering the Tiger and Panther tanks at Kursk, it was decided that the T-34 needed to be upgraded. This was done by creating a new turret with an 85mm gun.


Brand Flames of War
Scale 1/100
Material Plastic

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