Team Yankee 1/100 British Mechanised Platoon TBR702

Team Yankee 1/100 British Mechanised Platoon TBR702



Mechanised Platoon () includes four GPMG teams with 66mm anti-tank, three Carl Gustav anti-tank teams, one 2" mortar team one Small two-hole base, seven Medium four-hole bases & three Unit cards.

As the FV432 armoured personnel carrier was designed to carry a full section of infantry, the mechanised platoon mirrors the organisation of the standard rifle platoon with a HQ section and three rifle sections. 

The rifle sections break down into a machine-gun group armed with a ‘Gimpy’ (GPMG or General Purpose Machine-gun) and a number of L1A1 SLRs (Self-Loading Rifles) and a rifle group equipped with a ‘Charlie G’ (84mm Carl Gustav recoilless gun) for anti-tank work and more SLRs.

A tripod-mounted or support fire (SF) version of the GPMG is attached to platoons needing extra firepower or well sited for long-range harassing fire. Sections of two Milan anti-tank guided missiles are usually attached to platoons for additional anti-tank capability.


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