Featuring furniture and terrain suited to fantasy and medieval RPGs and miniatures games, these multi-purpose sets are perfect for GMs and wargamers. TerrainCrate is a highly-detailed terrain range made of plastic.

​The ​TerrainCrate: Dungeon Depths pack features a range of benches, chairs, shelves, an orrery, and dugeon accoutrements to help flesh out your duneons.

This set contains 73 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain, including:

1 Brown Cabinet
2 Brown Candlesticks
2 Brown Piles of Books
1 Brown Parchment
1 Brown set of Candles
1 Brown set of Potions
1 Brown Ladder
1 Brown Desk
1 Brown Comfy Chair
1 Brown Mirror
1 Brown Orrery
1 Brown Owl on perch
1 Brown Scrying Pool
1 Brown Wooden Round Table
2 Brown Wooden Rectangular Tables
2 Brown Wooden Chairs
2 Brown Wooden Stools
2 Brown Wooden Benches
2 Brown Debris Barricades
2 Brown Piles of Debris
2 Brown Skulls
2 Brown Braziers
2 Brown Wall Mirrors
1 Brown set of Tankards
1 Brown set of Bowls
1 Brown Rat
1 Brown Rat Swarm
1 Brown Lever
1 Brown Trapdoor
1 Brown Blade Trap
1 Brown Posion Gas Trap
1 Brown Spike Trap
1 Brown Ladder
1 Brown Carpet
1 Brown Tapestry
2 Brown Fancy Chairs
1 Brown set of Barrels
1 Brown Pile of Crates
1 Brown Pile of Logs
1 Brown Crate
1 Brown Coffin with removable lid
1 Brown Iron Maiden/Sarcophogus
1 Brown Skeleton
1 Brown Mummy
1 Brown Torture Rack
1 Brown Torture Table
1 Brown Surgical Tray Table
1 Gold Plinth
1 Gold Crown
1 Gold Goblet/Plate
1 Gold Sword in Stone
1 Gold Pile of Chests
1 Gold Pile of Armour and Weapons
2 Small Gold Piles of Treasure
2 Large Gold Piles of Treasure
1 Gold Coin Pouch
Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purposes only and are not included.


SKU MGTC104-10

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