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Tamiya 1/48 Gekko Type 11 Early Pro

Tamiya 1/48 Gekko Type 11 Early Pro

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The story of the Gekko's development began when the Japanese Navy requested developent of a long-range fighter fast and maneuverable enough to oppose single-engine fighters. Nakajima proposed the Type 13-Shi Twin-Engine Land-Based Fighter (J1N1), which employed two 1000hp "Sakae" engines (same as Zero-Fighter engine) on its sturdy wings. Production was approved after the prototype was completed in March 1941, but in July 1942 its designation changed to Type 2 Land-Based Reconnaissance Aircraft. In May 1943, when the base of Rabaul in the Solomons came under the assault of noturnal raids from American B-17 bombers, a prototype equipped with two guns inclined to the front at a 30deg. angle was immediately deployed. During its first mission, the prototype downed two B-17. After reporting engagement results, many of the Type 2's were equipped with four 20mm oblique guns and re-designated as the Gekko (moonlight in Japanese) Type 11, and production of the new plane began. Unlike the late production model, these first night guns were employed for anti-ship missions and ground attack missions but as the role of the Gekko was anti-bomber missions, these lower guns were later eliminated and replaced with an additional upper oblique gun. The later production also featured an additional nose-mounted radar. Whereas early production Gekko were sent to many places in the Pacific, late production models were used to defend Japanese main land, mostly against B-29 heavy bombers. 

AS-1 - Dark Green (IJN)

AS-1 - Dark Green (IJN)

AS-2 - Dark Gray (IJN)

AS-2 - Dark Gray (IJN)

X-10 - Gun Metal

X-10 - Gun Metal

X-11 - Chrome Silver

X-11 - Chrome Silver

X-13 - Metallic Blue

X-13 - Metallic Blue

X-18 - Semi Gloss Black

X-18 - Semi Gloss Black

X-25 - Clear Green

X-25 - Clear Green

X-27 - Clear Red

X-27 - Clear Red

X-31 - Titanium Gold

X-31 - Titanium Gold

X-32 - Titanium Silver

X-32 - Titanium Silver

X-7 - Red

X-7 - Red

XF-1 - Flat Black

XF-1 - Flat Black

XF-10 - Flat Brown

XF-10 - Flat Brown

XF-11 - J.N. Green

XF-11 - J.N. Green

XF-12 - J.N. Grey

XF-12 - J.N. Grey

XF-15 - Flat Flesh

XF-15 - Flat Flesh

XF-19 - Sky Grey

XF-19 - Sky Grey

XF-2 - Flat White

XF-2 - Flat White

XF-28 - Dark Copper

XF-28 - Dark Copper

XF-52 - Flat Earth

XF-52 - Flat Earth

XF-56 - Metallic Grey

XF-56 - Metallic Grey

XF-58 - Olive Green

XF-58 - Olive Green

XF-64 - Red Brown

XF-64 - Red Brown


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