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Kyosho 1/10 EP2SM RSET Sand Master w/2.4GHz Batt & Charger

Kyosho 1/10 EP2SM RSET Sand Master w/2.4GHz Batt & Charger

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Kyosho 1/10 EP2SM RSET Sand Master w/2.4GHz Batt & Charger
Kyosho 1/10 EP2SM RSET Sand Master w/2.4GHz Batt & Charger
Kyosho 1/10 EP2SM RSET Sand Master w/2.4GHz Batt & Charger

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The perfect introduction to real R/C buggy action!
True racing buggy performance has never been easier to enjoy!

Spray dirt as you fly over bumps and jumps! The Sandmaster s retromodern form responds obediently to every command input! Kyosho s knowledge in R/C buggy design accumulated over so many years has been applied to produce the ultimate beginner racing buggy. Fully factory assembled in a Readyset package, this is the definitive beginner R/C buggy for performance and price.

Remove from box and start racing!

Insert 4 AA-size batteries into the transmitter and charge and load the battery onto the fully factory assembled chassis. The body is complete with coloring and stickers applied. No difficult assembly and setup is required. Designed so everyone can experience Kyosho power and performance.

2.4GHz KT-200 R/C system installed!

2.4GHz R/C system allows the model to be used as soon as power is switched on. Eliminates the need to manage frequency bands. Equipped with pre-set high-performance ESC (electronic speed controller). Suspension has no adjustment points so tricky settings are not required. Now anyone can drive with skill!

Easy maintenance!

While the chassis design embodies Kyosho racing buggy DNA throughout its basic structure, each section has been modified with beginner friendly specifications. For example, the battery can be changed through a hatch on the underside of the chassis without removing the body. In addition, the snap-on panel structure of the body allows easy access to the interior chassis. As the chassis is designed with minimal adjustment points, there is also a reduced maintenance requirement.

Supports improvement in driving technique!

Provides responsive control for real buggy-like driving performance. Feel your skill improve with each drive! With no assembly and setup required, you can dedicate more time to training. Designed specifically for beginners, the Sandmaster promises the best introduction to R/C buggy racing you can wish for.


Retromodern body form features snap-on

panel structure. Easy to attach and

remove for maintenance. Additional colors

(sold separately) allow customization.


Motor can be removed with just 2

screws and backlash requires no

adjustment. Gear ratio can be changed

(with aftermarket gear) by loosening

2 screws. Incorporates high durability

diff gears and realizes a long

maintenance cycle.

Double wishbone suspension is equipped

with friction shocks. Dial adjustment

allows chassis height to be changed is



Bead lock style wheels feature separate

tire mounting section. No glue is

required when replacing tires.

Simply tighten screw to secure.

Tires deliver exceptional dual purpose



2.4GHz Perfex KT-200 R/C system

features full setting functionality and

removes the need to manage frequency

bands. Equipped with pre-set ESC

so is able to start as soon as power is

switched on.


Battery pack can be changed through

the hatch on the underside of the

chassis. One touch releases the lock for

reliable and easy access.


Includes previously optional oil shock



Includes Team ORION 1800Mah NiMH

battery and easy to use wallcharger.


New Orion brushed motor electronic

speed control with LiPo capability. 



  • Insert batteries in the transmitter and charge and load the battery onto the fully pre-assembled chassis in the Readyset to start.
  • 2.4GHz KT-200 R/C system pre-installed.
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension equipped with friction shocks.
  • Newly designed 3-piece wheels use screws and no glue to secure tires.
  • One-touch battery hatch allows fast battery changes without removing body.
  • Diff gear case and radio box provide security for off-road running.
  • Precision module diff gears realize superior durability.
  • Fixed length suspension arms require no adjustment.
  • Install a combination of different motors and other optional parts to produce even higher levels of performance.
  • Steering servo horn with servo saver function protects the servo.

Readyset Contents

  • Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
  • Pre-assembled body with decals applied
  • Perfex KT-200 transmitter
  • Cross wrench
  • 7.2V-1800mAh NiMH battery
  • Charger

Required for Operation

  • 4 x AA sized alkaline batteries for transmitter

Chassis Technical Data

Length; 395mm

Width: 245mm

Height: 140mm

Wheelbase: 270mm

Tread (F/R): 190mm / 190mm

Tire(F/R): Φ86mm × 32mm / Φ86mm × 32mm

Gear Ratio: 8.76 : 1

Weight: 1,500g (approx.)

Motor: 22-turn 540-type

R/C System: Perfex KT-200


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