Oxford 1/76 Triumph TR4 103MU RAF Akrotiri Cypr

Oxford 1/76 Triumph TR4 103MU RAF Akrotiri Cypr



This unusual livery on the much-loved British Triumph TR4 from the 1960s is a most interesting one. It appears as used by the RAF’s 103 Maintenance Unit (MU), a repair and salvage unit, which served in Akrotiri in Cyprus between 1955 and 1975.  The colourful 103MU crest on the doors – Maintenance Unit 103 RAF Repair – is an example of a badge which the monarch awards to such units, in this case Her Majesty the Queen, who made this award to 103 MU in June 1958. 

Decorated in black with black interior, the car is registered 22 AM 39 and has the 103MU detailing in yellow on both sides of the boot.  Despite the important and serious aspect of the Unit’s role, to be driving round in Mediterranean sunshine in this super open-topped sports car must have been a bonus!


Brand Oxford Diecast

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